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Congratulations on deciding to explore the possibility of setting up a Property Trust - an enhanced element of your will that enables your loved ones to enjoy a larger inheritance figure from your estate.

Why is a Property Trust so important?

Prevents the wealth of the person who dies first from being used to pay for care fees for the surviving spouse.


A Property Trust ring fences half of the property value, minimising the value of the estate, thus enabling your loved ones to inherit more upon your passing.

help with Property Trusts
help with Property Trusts

What happens if you don’t have a Property Trust?

Part of your estate could pass to beneficiaries that you had not wished to receive it.


Your loved ones could inherit less from your estate.

How can Inheritance Made Simple help?

Our team of specialist consultants will help guide you through the process of formulating a Property Trust element within your will.


We pride ourselves on being exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, cost effective, whilst still providing a quick turn-around time.

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