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Firstly, well done on deciding to make a will. 60% of the UK’s adult population don’t have a will, despite it being ever so important to have one.

Why is having a will ever so important?

A will provides total control over what happens to your assets upon your death.


Your family, friends, and any other nearest and dearest are provided with the security they need.


Any causes you’re passionate about, such as charities, can receive a protected donation through your will.

What happens if you don’t have a will?

In the absence of a will, your assets are simply divided up and duly distributed in accordance with the law. Inheritance law distribution of your assets is very rarely in alignment with what you would have wanted had you stipulated your wishes in a will.

Two primary examples of how inheritance law can work if you don’t have a will:

1. If you’re married and have children, your spouse may not automatically inherit everything you own. Instead, the assets may be automatically divided between your children and your spouse.


2. Conversely, if you’ re not married, your partner may not get any of your assets, and they could automatically go to your children.

How can inheritance Made Simple help?

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We pride ourselves on being exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, cost effective, whilst still providing a quick turn-around time.

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