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Congratulations on taking your first steps towards an inheritance tax plan. You’ve worked so hard all your life to provide for your loved ones after you’re gone, inheritance tax planning is essential to ensure your family reaps the full benefit of your estate.

Why is inheritance tax planning so important?

Ensures that your wealth is distributed efficiently, with the least amount of tax liabilities, leaving more for your loved ones.


Helps you to ensure your family is cared for once you’ve passed, giving you and them increased peace of mind.

inheritance tax planning
inheritance tax planning

What happens if you don’t have an inheritance tax plan?

In the absence of specific inheritance tax planning contained within your will, your loved ones, shortly after your passing, could be left owing an inheritance tax bill to HMRC that they’re unable to afford.


A simple example of how inheritance tax is calculated, and the time scale of HMRC requiring payment:

Upon your passing, any part of your estate that exceeds £325,000 is taxed at 40%. If your entire estate is worth £500,000 in total, this would mean that £70,000 (40% of £175,000) would be owed by your family within 6 months of your passing. An inheritance tax plan, contained within your will, simply minimises the taxable element of your estate before your passing.

How can inheritance Made Simple help?

Our team of specialist consultants will help guide you through the process of formulating a Property Trust element within your will.


We pride ourselves on being exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, cost effective, whilst still providing a quick turn-around time.

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